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  • Name: Memorial Hospital Manor
  • Address: 300 Longwood Avenue Boston, MA 02115 USA.
  • Helpline Number: 617-355-6000
  • Website

How do I contact Boston Children Hospital?

There are many ways to contact Hospital, such as by Hospital phone number, by Hospital email address, via office address or via social media etc.

Here we highlight the Boston Children Hospital Number is 617-355-6000 through which you can get Hospital related information.

More contact list:

  • Boston Children’s Main Switchboard: 617-355-6000
  • Admitting: 617-355-6644
  • Call Center: 800-355-7944
  • Case Management Center: 617-355-6540
  • Child Life Services: 617-355-6551
  • Child Protection Program Consultant on call: 617-355-6369
  • Child Protection Program Office: 617-355-7979
  • Critical Care Transport Team: 877-455-6655
  • Emergency Services Expect Line: 617-355-6637
  • Emergency Services Main Desk: 617-355-6611
  • Giving to Children’s: 617-355-6890
  • Hale Family Center for Families: 617-355-6279
  • Medical Records: 617-355-7546
  • Nursing Office: 617-355-7155
  • Page Operator: 617-355-6369
  • Pastoral Care: 617-355-6664
  • Patient Care Business Office: 617-355
  • Patient Information: 617-355-6201
  • Patient Relations: 617-355-7673
  • Refer a Patient: 844-BCH-PEDS
  • Regional Center for Poison Control and Information: 800-222-1222
  • Social Work: 617-355-7965
  • Trauma Program: 617-355-5400

Here you can contact via Hospital Address is 300 Longwood Avenue Boston, MA 02115 USA.

Boston Children’s Hospital is located at 300 Longwood Avenue, in Boston’s Longwood Medical and Academic Area, near the Fenway and the east edge of Brookline. The hospital is at the intersection of Longwood Avenue and Blackfan Street. Boston Children’s Hospital’s parking garage is located directly opposite the Main Entrance of the hospital.

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